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Need help planning Networks Day celebrations?

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The National Day for Staff Networks is all about making an inpact. It's our day to tell everyone that "We are here" and our effort is #MakingWorkBetter

This year's theme #RaisingTheBar is our focus.

1) Why not attend our conference - Raising the Bar. Go to the conference page
2) See electronic
campaign pack which will have all sorts of useful material
3) Take a look at our Top Tips page for ideas
4) Take photos/videos and tweet them tagging @day4networks 

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Group Seflie

Make the pledge, Take the selfie

Create a pledge card saying how you are #RaisingTheBar

See our resource pack for a pledge card

Image by Jon Tyson

Hop on the Hashtag

Use your social media platforms as an opportunity to spread the word.Having an online event? Use our Virtual Screen

Post Production Video Editing

Lights, Camera, Action

Get your network community and allies together to make reel about how networks are raising the bar in your organisation (see these videos for inspiration)

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