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Download the National Day for Staff Networks Logo

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Using our logo

Thank you for supporting the National Day for Staff Networks and for your interest in using the our logo. We encourage its use by networks around the UK to actively promote their Networks Day events, activity and awareness raising.

What the logo can and can't be used for

Here's a quick snapshot of what the Networks Day logo can and can't be used for.


The logo is used by network groups and organisations who like to align themselves with the National Day for Staff Networks. It's used at events that in no way bring disrepute to the NDFSN brand (i.e. gatherings celebrating networks achievements and/or calling for greater equality via non-violent, legal means). It's also used for demonstrating support and involvement through non-saleable, non-commercial products and resources that promote or support our aims and objectives.


The logo must not be used for any form of merchandising to generate commercial gain or sale of products. It must also not be used in association with any form of harmful, violent or illegal activity. To report breaches, please email us:

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