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Meet the Campaign Team

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The National Day for Staff Networks Campaign Committee* operates as a social enterprise (CIC) (not for private profit terms).

Chaired by Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE, the aims of the Committee is to promote the added value of employee networks and oversee the strategic planning of the annual national day for staff networks campaign.   The advisory committee comprises of people who work with private, public and commercial sectors. Between them, they have over 20 years experience in the employee network arena.

The Committee ensures that all activities relating to the national day tie into the core purpose and promote the added value of staff networks. In addition, the Group will oversee the provision of  tools to enable staff networks to have access to resources and start the conversation to tackle unfair treatment at work.

Finally, we will support our bank of ambassadors who act as key focal points for coordinating activities surrounding the day either in their organisation or region.

*Strategic advisory committee consists of Rob Neil OBE, Abdul Rob, Jerome Williams & Rasheed Ogunlaru