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Bank of America is the main sponsor for the National Day for Staff Networks. Known for their progressive efforts on diversity and inclusion, we are honoured to have their support. Read more about why this day is important to them.


Celebrating Staff Networks Day with Bank of America.

At Bank of America (BofA) we are committed to being a great place to work, by creating an inclusive environment for all our employees around the world, working to ensure our programmes and resources enhance their experience and further their careers. Our commitment to being an inclusive workplace means creating opportunities for our teams to grow and develop, recognising performance and supporting their physical, emotional and financial wellness. One way we demonstrate this is through our support of our Employee Networks. These are bank-supported groups made up of employees who share a dimension of diversity along with their allies.


Our Employee Networks create and support communitiesThere are 11 Employee Networks with over 280 local chapters with 140,000 memberships globally. Across EMEA, we have over 8,000 employees who are members of our employee networks with 23 chapters. Our research shows that Employee Network members have a 5% higher employee satisfaction score than non-members. By having the opportunity to pursue their interests through an Employee Network, they feel supported and are more likely to be engaged and develop camaraderie with colleagues.


A spotlight on our Parents and Caregivers Network (PCN)

The PCN is a global Network that aims to create a supportive environment for employees with caring responsibilities for children, other family members and loved ones and for employees who feel they might become parents/carers in the future. PCN does this by providing access to applicable support, information and resources and by influencing the bank’s policies and practices in support of employees who are parents and/or caregivers.


Lesley White, Head of Global Commercial Banking International and Executive Sponsor of PCN EMEA at Bank of America said:

“Networks provide employees and their allies with opportunities to connect with each other to develop leadership skills, broaden their view of diversity, mentor one another and address issues that matter to them, meanwhile encouraging collaboration, generating and harnessing great ideas, bringing lasting value to our business and our workforce

“The Parents and Caregivers Network plays an important role in shaping the culture and values of the business, building connections among colleagues, encouraging careers to flourish and providing support and advice in balancing work and home life. Bank of America’s continued commitment to the Network enables us to provide an essential platform of care for our employees as their needs evolve over time.”

Video and Quotes from Barts Health

Quote from Lexis Nexis

Jo Portlock, Director of D & I at Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions said:

“Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions are delighted to be sponsors of Network Day.


We have over 35 Global ERG's covering a range of diversity areas such as Race, LGBTQ, Disability, Gender and Mental Health and all employees have 2 paid days to attend our events.

These groups really are the heart of our D &I Strategy"

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Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders Supporting Networks

We are thrilled to have the endorsements from some fantastic senior leaders showing their support for employee networks and the value they bring to the organisation. Share these statements with the senior leaders in your organisation.

Official Sponsors

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