2019 National Day for Staff Networks

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National Day for Staff Networks 

Wednesday 13th May 2020

As the country prepares to exit the European Union (whenever that may be!), we anticipate that there will be some turbulence across the UK workplace which will no doubt impact on employees. During times of uncertainty, some employees will need an outlet to air their concerns, a source of support, and a strategy to weather the storm. Networks, because of their insight, can lead the way in helping the business navigate change.

We are encouraging networks to think about how they can be beacons of support and a strong voice articulating solutions to inclusion in the organisation. How can they leverage their collective power to influence? How can business leaders work better with networks to help protect its people assets with better engagement and transparency? How can the business build its cultural intelligence bank?

More now than ever, network groups will need to be organised, clear about their purpose and employ tools to measure their impact.

It's time for network groups to arise like never before and lead the way!

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