Diverse Group Cheering

The theme for 2021 is Togetherness.


We at the National Day for Staff networks Campaign Team are delighted to be celebrating our 5th year. COVID19 has meant a period of change and challenge.


Now more than ever, there needs to be continuous collaboration between networks. 

Many organisations have networks covering different protected characteristics as well as those characteristics that go beyond the legal framework.


Whether you are looking to strengthen your own network or whether you want to work more effectively with other networks in your organisation, how we communicate is critical.

Networks, through compassion, and by working together, learning together and sharing together means that we can all be stronger, safer and smarter - together.

Download our special 5 Cs infographic! 

Tips for a successful networks day

Here are 10 top tips to help you celebrate:

1. Identify your goals

This is a great opportunity for all networks/ERGs in your organisation to come together as a community to shout about how you: boost inclusion, challenge bias; influence behaviour. Celebrate your achievements and think about launching something in the organisation.  

2. Decide what you can

Even using one of the social media banners can help promote the day. Download our banners 

Why not try one of our brilliant profile badges...and if you're doing a virtual event, we even have a virtual background.

3. Download, Snap and Post - Selfie cards

Use the pledge cards  to engage colleagues and friends via social media using #Togetherness and #makingworkbetter2021

4. Issue a press statement

Tell the world how proud the organisation is of their networks/ERGs. How did they support staff during COVID? How will they continue to support the organisation as it fosters inclusion and belonging.  

5.Calling all poets 

Why not use your talents to write a poem about Networks Day or the theme, #Togetherness? Send us your verses, limericks and compositions to us. Need inspiration? Take a look at this.

6.Networks Day logo

Many groups and organisations nationwide use the logo to align activity and demonstrate commitment. For example - at events; in presentations; on social media; general branding and awareness raising; in email signatures, CEO messaging etc


7. Create a video/short film or watch the Networks Day videos

Watch the purposeful Networks Day videos as discussion starters, or broadcast them at your Networks Day event to educate, motivate, challenge and inspire audiences. Develop and submit your own videos for potential inclusion. Email us

8. Register your event  

Once you have decided how you will be marking the day, register your event so we can celebrate you on social media

9. Submit an Networks Day Influencer statement

Chairpersons, CEOs and Executive Leadership Team Directors of formal entities who actively support networks and help make work better. Be inspired by our networks champions page

10. Submit your #Togetherness images and videos

Submit images of your celebrations and #Togetherness activity, especially your Networks day co-branded imagery, for potential inclusion on the website.