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About National Day for Staff Networks

What is the National Day for Staff Networks all about?

The National Day for Staff Networks (aka Networks Day) is the day where employee networks across the United Kingdom rise up as a community and lead the way for change in the workplace. This isn't just about the day; it's about the movement!

Launched on 10th May 2017, Networks Day has quickly become an established event in the diversity calendar; and rightly so!

The day presents an opportunity for them to celebrate the contribution, inspire with their stories and offer insight into the lived experiences of underrepresented colleagues and transform the organisation. Networks can be an effective voice for the business and work all colleagues to create more inclusive environment where all employees, that want to, can progress. That is why this year's theme is #ViableVisibleVoices

When networks understand their Network Value Proposition, they can demonstrate how they add value to the workplace environment and business outcomes and harness their innovation, amplify their voice and advocate inclusion, change happens and they #makeworkbetter. Use our fantastic Value Continuum toolkit to help you understand how your network can add value.

Education For Child

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Education For Child

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media coverage reaching 3,338,958 people


The ‘Making Work Better’ brand and hashtag generated it’s highest an economic value of £13,793.41 on social media


100s of networks celebrating

Team Member

We Have A Big Team of Experts

Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE

Chair, Networks Day Campaign CIC

Rob Neil OBE

Speaker,Trainer, Coach

Rasheed Ogunlaru

Coach. Speaker, Author

Yvonne D Dowie

Inclusion Specialist

Abdul Rob

Media Specialist & Campaigner

Jerome Williams

Inclusion Specialist

Testimonials from Networks

Lesley White

Head of Global Commercial Banking International

Networks provide employees and their allies with opportunities to connect with each other to develop leadership skills, broaden their view of diversity, mentor one another and address issues that matter to them, meanwhile encouraging collaboration, generating and harnessing great ideas, bringing lasting value to our business and our workforce
“The Parents and Caregivers Network plays an important role in shaping the culture and values of the business, building connections among colleagues, encouraging careers to flourish and providing support and advice in balancing work and home life. Bank of America’s continued commitment to the Network enables us to provide an essential platform of care for our employees as their needs evolve over time.”

Reena Shukla

Director in EMEA Operation

I returned from maternity leave after my first child and joined the Network to find out more about resources the company offered as well as to connect with other members. My first few months back were challenging, as I adjusted to new routines whilst still wanting to work towards my career ambition.

“It’s important for me to be a visible champion of the Network as well as being a Mum, to highlight that with the help and support of the resources in the firm I feel I have a well-balanced life managing my childcare and work commitments without sacrificing my career aspirations. The PCN brings together like minded people to talk and share experiences, which is an excellent resource and important community that truly adds value within the business.”

Eoin Kashishian

Managing Director, Global Corporate & Investment Banking and co-chair of PCN UK

Bank of America said: “One of our key focus areas for the PCN has been to encourage other dads to be actively involved in Network activities, speak up and lead by example. As a father of two young children, I fully appreciate how a supportive and flexible work culture is a necessary ingredient to achieving a sustainable work-life balance. Another important part of our strategy has been to further highlight the importance of carers, and the often complex issues they have to overcome. This is even more in the spotlight given current working conditions as a result of covid-19.

“I took on the PCN co-chair role at the end of 2018. I was inspired by some of the other employee networks such as the Disability Advocacy Network and the hugely positive impact they had on employees across the bank. I am incredibly proud of all the work our PCN committee, made up entirely of employees volunteering their time, has done and continues to do for the bank’s parents and carers.”

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